Investing in Barcelona may seem simple on paper, but it is not necessarily easy in practice. Most of the times, the ‘simplicity’ of the task will cost you time, money, and peace of mind. That is why some investors finally decided to work with property consultants.

However, when an investor went with the wrong property consultants, most of the times he would:

  1. Pay too much for a property;
  2. Buy the wrong property;
  3. Find it difficult to resell the property;
  4. Undergo a long, costly, and stressful buying experience.

When an investor is working with the right property consultant, he would not have to experience any of the above mishaps.

If you’d like to know whether you’re working with the right property consultant, ask them these 3 things:

1. Can you help me making the most effective plan to achieve my investment goals?

A good property consultant would not only show you the properties they thought you’d be interested in. They won’t stop after finding some properties that meets your allocated budget. A good property consultant will also be able to draw a plan on how you can get the best results out of your investments. They will walk you through an assessment process to understand your investment style, interests, and expectations, then advise you on the best property and plan to meet your objectives.

2. Can you assist me throughout the whole investment process, and anything related to it?

A good property consultant will take care of everything throughout the whole investment process. They will ensure that your purchasing process would be simple and painless. Either it’s organising your trip to Spain, securing your visa, opening a bank account, getting a local ID number, working on notary agreements, finding a lawyer, or declaring taxes, your property consultant should be able to handle them smoothly.

There are around of 30,000 property agents/consultants in Spain per 2014! However, you should insist on having property consultants who are licensed, committed, registered, and experienced; and the number would shrink immediately.

The right property consultants must have had  years of experience to assist you in each and every stage of your purchase. They understand the region, master the law, have access to important local contacts, and always updated on the latest market trends. Make sure they can answer any question you have in your checklist. With the right property consultant, you can simply relax and let them take care of everything for you.

3. Can you provide a comprehensive service after my purchase?

Most of the times, there are still a lot of things an investor need to take care of after they have made a purchase on a property.

If they’re purchasing a family or leisure property, they might need some help in checking for pests, ensuring that security measure is in place, or checking and collecting mails. Those who purchased real estate for return on investments (ROI) will need someone on ground to assist them with management and subsequent sale. Being a Golden Visa Investor moving to Spain with the whole family, they will need help in visa arrangements and other moving-related process. There are a lot of paperwork and preparations involved, and lack of the right contacts and information might be an issue.

You want the right property consultant that can also manage your post-purchasing operations, and the ones that have had previous experiences of providing this service.

Finding the right property consultant is an important step to have a pleasant experience of investing in Spain. If your purchasing process feels stressful, dragging, or difficult, you may have worked with the wrong property consultant. Please, ensure that you have asked the right questions before committing to work with one, and never hesitate to check their track records by talking to their previous clients!