Creating a safe return on your investment

Riereta specialises in acquiring, developing and selling undervalued, centrally-located residential buildings to meet the growing demand for property in Barcelona.


Our extensive local network helps us identify undervalued properties before other investment firms. We then conduct due diligence to determine the feasibility of each project before negotiating to purchase the property below its market value.

Develop or sell

Depending on the type of project, we either sell or develop the building. The first added value is clarifying the building by solving the issues related to it. By renovating the property we add another value. We partner with leading architects, contractors and interior designers to deliver a high quality and standard.

Sale or rent

Our knowledge of the local real estate market helps us to sell or rent out the property.
A project typically lasts an average of six months and a maximum of 14 months.

Our expertise in the local real estate market helps us deliver the maximum value from each project and generate strong returns for our investors.

We co-invest with our investors

Riereta co-invests in every project with both the contractor and our investors. By doing so we show our confidence in each project, share the risk and ensure everyone’s interests are aligned. The minimum investment to start investing with us is €250.000.

Complete transparency

We create a separate SPV (special purpose vehicle) for each project. The directors of the SPV exist of one member of Riereta and one nominated by the investors.
For each project we present a complete investment proposal and investors have access to all documents related to the specific project.

Invest with us

Currently, Riereta does not accept investments from external parties. Please check back with us in the future if you are interested to invest with us.


Profit Calculation

The following scheme represents the benefits and cost structure for the investor. The management fee is 2,5% of the investment amount. When the ROI is bellow 4% Riereta doesn’t take any benefit. When the ROI is between 4-8%, the return to the investor is 4%. When the ROI is above 8%, the investor and Riereta will split evenly.

First Management Fee
of 2,5% (+VAT)

Profit split

Secure return of 4%
for the investor

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