Invest in real estate and obtain residency in Spain

How to obtain residency in Spain?


By investing a minimum amount in real estate in Spain, the Spain Golden Visa program offers non European Union citizens residency (and later citizenship) in Spain.

What is the required investment?


There are three ways of investing to obtain a Golden Visa:

  • €500,000 in property;
  • €2 million in Spanish Government Bonds or
  • €1 million in shares in Spanish companies.

How long does the Golden Visa last for?


Initially, it lasts for a period of 2 years and is renewable every 2 years (as long as the requirements are met). After 5 years, investors can apply for a permanent visa.

Is it difficult to get a Golden Visa in Spain?

In general the process for obtaining a Spanish Golden Visa is relatively quick; the authorities have a period of 20 days after the application date. If they do not reject the application within that time frame, the application is automatically accepted.

What are some of the basic requirements?

  • The investor is a non European Union national and must be over 18-years-old;
  • The investor must not hold a criminal record in the last 5 years; either in Spain or in any other country he/she has previously resided in;
  • The investor does not have any of the contagious diseases written in the International Health Regulation of 2005.

What else is important to keep in mind?

Bear in mind that permanent residency is excluded and one still needs to follow a set of procedures to obtain this. Arranging access to medical insurance is of own responsibility as well.

It is not required to move permanently to Spain, travel or stay a minimum period of time in the country. It is neither necessary to become a fiscal resident in Spain. Moreover one can also bring their family