Invest in Barcelona’s thriving real estate market

Investment Strategy

“Be greedy when everyone
is fearful and 
be fearful when
everyone is greedy”.
W. Buffet

Why Barcelona?

While BCN is one of the 10 most visited
cities in the world we can still
acquire properties for 25%
of the price compared to the
top 9 most visited cities.

Golden Visa Spain

Obtain a Spanish
residency to live
and work in Spain
by investing
in real estate.

Riereta Equities is a Barcelona-based real estate agency specialised in the acquisition, refurbishment and sale of distressed residential properties. Our strength lies in adding value by solving any issue related to the property.
Our national and international investors are individuals and companies, looking for considerable but safe returns on their investments in Barcelona.

At Riereta Equities we aim to remain faithful to our core philosophy and deliver an exceptional experience for our clients and investors. Competence, getting the job done and professionalism are the fundamental values in each deal and is the commitment we make to our clients.

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